Charities We Support!

"We donate our profits to these charities whom are making our world cleaner and greener"

1. Defenders of Wildlife

The mission of Defenders of Wildlife is to protect and restore endangered wildlife across North America and beyond. Over the years, Defenders of Wildlife has fought for the conservation of green sea turtles, red wolves, Florida manatees and the prairie chicken and constantly fights for the preservation of wildlife habitats.

2.Global Footprint Network

Global Footprint Network is a relatively new environmental organization, founded in 2003, but they have obtained an impressive number of international awards for their work. Their mission is to help companies, governments and individuals make wiser, more sustainable ecological decisions by offering actionable insights into natural resource management, resource consumption and capacity. Since its inception, the Global Footprint Network has collaborated with 50 nations, 30 cities and 70 global partners to balance their ecological footprint, fight climate change and invest in sustainable development.


3.Union of Concerned Scientists

UCS maintains a national network of nearly 17000 scientists who believe “rigorous analysis is the best way to understand the world’s pressing problems and develop effective solutions to them.” UCS’s findings and statements are frequently quoted by major news sources; they have become a recognized and respected voice of environmental advocacy. Their work focuses on clean energy solutions, global warming, and the puzzles of large-scale food production. UCS’s testimony has been instrumental in several pieces of important green legislation.