Bicycle Wheel Spoke Reflector 12PCS

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Wheel Spokes Tubes Strip!

Reflective series product, bicycle reflective wheel blessing can direct the distant light reflected back to the luminous place, no matter in the day or night, all can produce good reserve reflection optical effect.



  • Especially at night, it’s easy to be found by running vehicles from long distance, and also offer a safety and funny beautiful DIY wheel show.
  • To be used in the bicycle spokes, give a strong reflection under the light irradiation by the the electric torch or car at night.
  • Play a security role, no batteries, can be used for a long time, sun and rain are available.

    HIGH VISIBILITY – NO MATTER WHAT- Capturing the attention of drivers and pedestrians making them essential for anyone who trains or commutes under all the circumstances. Totally Waterproof

    EASY INSTALLATION- Simply push spoke reflector on to the bicycle’s spokes. Simply pull out to release the spoke reflector if it is no longer required. Flexible adjustment to any location on spokes.

    100% brand new and high quality. Bright reflective series product, colorful light bicycle spokes. It is a very good decorative ornaments and night equipment. No batteries, can be used for a long time, sun and rain are available.
    Bicycle Wheel Spoke Reflector | Bicycle wheel, Bicycle, Reflectors
    The distant direct light back to the light refraction principle according to the Light, day or night reverse have good Optical effects of radiation, so that the vehicle can easily find existence of the rider, reflecting good warning action.


    • Material ABS tube and reflective coating film
    • Size 75*5*5mm
    • Inner Diameter1.8-2.5mm
    • Color Blue, yellow, white, red, orange, green
    Bicycle Wheel Spoke Reflector (12PCS) - HELAI

    There may be slight size deviations due to manual measurement, different measuring methods and tools.

    Bicycle Wheel Spoke Reflector – AllNowTrending
    Package Included:
    12 pcs in a pack.
    Bicycle Wheel Reflector, Bicycle Wheel Spoke Reflector Reflective Mount Clip Tube Warning Light Strip Bike Reflectors Spokes for Mountain
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