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1. Designed to help you rinse and dry dishes, clean vegetables during meal prep, or hold a colander or cutting board! This metal dish drying rack provides more kitchen convenience and versatility.

2. Once expanded, this lay-flat sink dish drying rack can support cookware over the sink for draining or as extra counter space. It can act as a heat-resistant trivet mat or cooking rack for hot pans or plates.

3. The roll-up dish drying rack rolls up quickly and easily when you’re finished using it to help you save space in the kitchen. You can use it to create a clean look if you have guests or friends coming.

Wash, Thaw, Dry, and More – Our rust free dish drying mat is made with food-grade safe materials!


1. Solid and Sturdy

2. Made of imported high-quality, rust-resistant, BPA-free stainless steel and quality silicone.

3. Lay flat on top of the kitchen sink, to wash fruits and vegetables or cutlery and good top position, let moisture droplets drain.

4. Easy to roll up to save space and storage

5. Multi-function, used as both dish and vegetable drainer.

6. Use as heat resistant trivet mat on counter-top.


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