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Features & Details

ORGANIC & NATURAL: These essential oils are made of natural plants and as organic a product can get. Each of these oils have essential properties that uplift, gratify, soothe, refresh, and stimulate the mind and body.

FLORAL ESSENTIAL OILS SET: Features 6/ 0.33 oz of our favorite flowery premium fragrance oils delivered to you in a beautiful gift box. This set is likened to long leisurely stroll through a spring garden. Its beautiful floral fragrances are enchanting and fresh.


Flower Fragrance oils are used in lamp rings and other diffusers.

Flower Fragrance oils are used to give fragrance to any place as in air freshners.

Flower Fragrance oils are used to eliminate pet, cooking, and stale odors.

Flower Fragrance oils are a great alternative to burning candles because they are environmentally safe and friendly. They are cleaner to diffuse, eliminate waxy odor, much stronger, more versatile, less expensive than candles.

Flower Fragrance oils are great for potpourri, soap, candles, bath salts, balms, lotions and bath oils.


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