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Revolutionary cleaning product!

Its innovative, multi-purpose, soft, cleaning functions is not comparable to traditional cleaning supplies.

Semi-liquid material easily slips into rugged surfaces, narrow cracks and other difficult to reach the places.

Remove sticky debris, fallen hair, and dust, while leaving a touch of fragrance

Can be recycled several times without cleaning

The environmentally-friendly formula naturally decomposes, safely and pollution-free!




Weight: about 73g
Material: Disinfectants, preservatives, boric acid, methyl p-benzoic acid, spices
Color: Random Delivery
Use: To make those difficult-to-clean items like keyboard and car accessories.



Step 1: Remove the clean Gel from bag and knead it by hand for 30 seconds to increase flexibility.

Step 2: Press the clean Gel into the crevices and rough surfaces of items needing cleaning. Then, pull up.

Step 3: After use, put it back in the bag and seal it.



1. Please wash your hands before use. (This product has a certain degree of humidity and viscosity. When the hands have dirt, sweat, and sundries, it is easy to cause sticky hands.)

2. Moderately knead the clean gel before use.

3. Cleaning Gel should be pressed on the item for 3-5 seconds. It cannot be placed on the surface for a long time.

4. Do not clean high-temperature items, telephone receivers, earphone jacks, or charging holes.

5. After use, please put it back in the bag to keep the humidity and viscosity.

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