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ADD NATURAL FLAVOR: Stay healthy and hydrated with this unique Fruit Infusion Water Bottle with a built-in fruit juicer. Enhance your water with a lemon or an orange for natural, refreshing flavor!

BPA FREE: Designed with BPA-free materials makes it environmentally friendly, durable, and attractive.

BOTTOM INFUSER TECHNOLOGY: The fruit infuser compartment is placed on the bottom of the bottle for easy and quick fruit flavor. Simply unscrew the lid, and squeeze your favorite fruit with the built-in juicer for your own water packed with flavor, vitamins and nutrients.

LEAK PROOF & HIGHLY VERSATILE: Both top and bottom screw on lids have rubber gaskets (rings) to prevent any leakage. Comes with a carrying handle to make it perfect for your home, office, outdoor and sport activities. Great for cycling, running, and hiking!


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