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1. Keychain-portable, refillable permanent match lighter

2. Small size and lightweight

3. Works with ordinary lighter fluid and can be lit over 15,000 times.

4. Ideal for outdoor activities such as camping, fishing, hunting, and so on.

5. Material: plastic internal and metal external

6. Refillable with ordinary lighter fluid (not included)

7. Comes with a key-ring attached

How to use:

➡️ Take off the metal stick and pour 2-3 cc oil into the oil tank.

➡️ Put the metal match into the oil tank and make the cotton soaked with oil. Strike like a traditional match.

➡️ Please make sure the ignition point comes by you so that oil will not come out.

➡️ First time users need to strike several times until the black protection coating on flint stone is scratched out.

➡️ Extinguish flame in 10 seconds, or cotton will burn and cannot soak fluid.

➡️ Pull out cotton wick a little if its end is burnt.

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