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"Behind every smile there's teeth"

Remove The Tartar From Teeth Without Going To The Dentist

This cordless water flosser cleans and removes 99.99% of plaque and food scraps, food residue every corner precisely that traditional brushing can not reach,Specifically designed for periodontitis, braces.

Why a tooth cleaner will change your life :

Eliminate tartar and all dental impurities with ultrasonic technology and high intensity frequency.
• Effectively remove stains of cigarettes, tea and coffee from the first day of use.
• Stop excessive buildup of tartar and impurities that cause problems such as gum disease, bad breath, yellow teeth, and permanent tooth damage.
• Promote healthier gums.

• Made with only the safest materials... we guarantee safety and convenience. Specially designed for personal use and grooming
• Save your money
• Convenient and Portable Design


USB Rechargeable

Safe and fast charging by USB. Once charged, it can be used about 200 times. Now travel without worrying about battery loss.


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